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Midwest Center for Brain Health (MCBH) can help you revive your brain so you can live a more independent, healthy and active life. Our approach is powered by cutting-edge neuroscience and based on the principles of naturopathic and functional medicine..

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Enroll in the Brain Health and/or Neurofeedback Programs recommended during your Brain Health Assessment.

Our Doctors Provide Life-Changing Results.

Dr. Wurtz is an amazing doctor, it is obvious how invested she is in her patients and their sustained health. She truly cares and will put all of her time and energy into the people she treats.

Dr. Anderson is extremely thoughtful and kind and helped me diagnose a medical condition. His understanding of how to treat a condition more naturally is unparalleled. I highly recommend his services!

I found my way to Dr. Kent after years of frustration working with traditional doctors. He assured me we would get to the bottom of things and help me feel better. He kept his promise – we got to the bottom of my issues and I feel 100% better.

Great gratitude for Dr. Kenton Anderson for being a wonderful teacher who appeared when this student was ready.

Dr. Anderson is a gift to anyone entering into their health journey. He’s very caring, wise and dedicated. Run, don’t walk, to see him if there’s something you’re working out with your health and overall being.

If you are in search of healthcare to optimize your brain, your energy and overall health, Midwest Center for Brain Health is the place! They work with you in support of your body’s unique requirements to improve health versus masking symptoms of the disease.

Holly Wurtz, ND, introduced some supplements to boost some issues pointed out through blood tests, and she introduced a new test to look at some root causes. I got my answers. Answers that I had been looking for for years. I feel that I am in control of my health now, and I feel better than I have in my adult life.

Dr. Anderson is professional, listens and great at explaining the why’s of his treatment and tests. The staff is prompt at returning calls and follow-ups.

Dr. Kenton is the most passionate Naturopathic Doctor I’ve had the pleasure of working with! He will get you from where you are now to where you ultimately want to be in the most natural, caring, thorough, and sustainable way that fits your overall life and lifestyle goals and dreams.

I was frustrated after seeing other practitioners and not finding answers for my symptoms.  Dr. Wurtz went above and beyond looking into my health history and identified issues that were not addressed in the past and put together a detailed plan to restore my health.   My energy and memory improved greatly and most importantly I understood the cause of my symptoms.  Working with Dr. Wurtz was a game changer for me!

Dr. Anderson is great. He dedicates the time and listens to fully understand the problem. He is truly knowledgeable, and he always does his research.

Dr. Holly is a very caring and gifted doctor.  After twenty years of dealing with chronic health issues, I feel better than ever!   I would highly recommend seeing her if you want to focus on building your health rather than just treat symptoms.

I saw Dr Wurtz after seeing several other doctors and trying a few different medications which didn’t work.  We worked together to identify the underlying cause of my symptoms. I am very happy with the results!  Dr. Wurtz is amazing!

For years I had the run around with general doctors and specialists for a myriad of issues I was having. Finally, I found Dr. Anderson, who took the time to really work on getting to the root of what was going on with me. Highly recommended.

Dr. Wurtz provided a safe space for me to discuss my health issues and validated that my concerns are real. She let me talk about things I have never discussed with anyone else. She encouraged me to trust that my physical, mental and emotional health will get better. Most of all, I am looking forward to the future with hope.

Dr. Holly is an amazing practitioner of her craft! She’s one of the most dedicated and invested practitioners around. As a colleague, I’ve seen how she cares for each and every patient and will work with you to get you free of symptoms and beyond!

Dr. Wurtz is extremely knowledgeable and caring. I left her office today with hope! I believe she will find the root cause of my issues. I’m grateful she is going to help me feel better after a lifetime of problems! Thank you so much, Dr. Wurtz.

I am amazed! I began to feel better almost immediately. This new approach taught me that my lifestyle, stress, nutrition and constant assaults from infectious pathogens and toxins were a large contributing factor to my forgetfulness and brain fog.

I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Wurtz – she made me feel comfortable from the beginning and I appreciate her holistic approach to my health. And, unlike many primary care physicians, whenever I have concerns, I email her and she will try to resolve the issues with sound advice or additional vitamins.

Dr. Anderson is absolutely phenomenal! He will work with you to identify the root cause of the issue and develop a practical plan to improve it. He thinks holistically and doesn’t just treat symptoms!

Dr. Holly is simply amazing. She’s warm, kind person and I was so happy to find a doctor who listened!  She researched my condition and symptoms and gave me a comprehensive plan that worked for me and I was able to follow.  She’s available when I have questions and is always patient and understanding.  I’m excited and optimistic about my life now and am doing things I enjoy again.  Thank you Dr. Holly!



Dr. Wurtz helped me tremendously to improve my overall health and I am very thankful! She supported me in making changes to my diet and suggested a few key supplements. I started to have more energy and was able to begin exercising again which helped with weight loss. The brain fog is gone! I feel mentally sharp and have the energy to enjoy my life. I would highly recommend working with Dr. Wurtz!

He listened and I’m thriving! What’s so different (and amazing!) about working with Dr. Anderson is that you are co-creating a map for optimal health.

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MCBH is dedicated to improving brain-related health conditions using a holistic approach powered by the latest research.

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