A DNA-Precise Health Plan Designed to Help You Live Your Best Life

The Book Of You

No matter your age, race or gender, understanding your genomic profile provides a guide for you and your clinician in the care of your body and mind. Your clinician can use an IntellxxDNA test to provide comprehensive, clinical-focused knowledge of health risks and benefits within your personal genetic make-up. Our reports are a foundation for planning your personalized approach toward optimal health, wellness and an improved quality of life.

Reports The
Guide to Your

Gain molecular-level insight into
your state of well-being

Learn how to support your body
using personalized nutrition, vitamins
and supplements, as well as lifestyle
changes to reduce the need for

Reduce frustration, time and money
by using state-of-the-art advanced
genomic technology to avoid
unnecessary typical, trial and error
approach to treatment

Feel confident that your health care
plan is being designed specifically
for you

How Does The Test Work?

Contact our office at 833-435-7259 to order an IntellxxDNA kit.

Midwest Center for Brain Health will provide you with a secure login to the IntellxxDNA portal.

When your test kit arrives in the mail, log into your portal to activate your kit barcode, and follow the instructions in the kit to collect your saliva sample.
Mail your kit (postage-free in the USA). We’ll send you an email as soon as your results are available.
We will contact you when your IntellxxDNA report is ready to setup an appointment with a MCBH doctor to discuss your results and a personalized wellness plan based on results.

Talk to a Nurse Liaison about IntellxxDNA testing today!