Jordon Bray

Dr. Holly is an amazing practitioner of her craft! She’s one of the most dedicated and invested practitioners around. As a colleague, I’ve seen how she cares for each and every patient and will work with you to get you free of symptoms and beyond!

Green I.

I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Wurtz – she made me feel comfortable from the beginning and I appreciate her holistic approach to my health. And, unlike many primary care physicians, whenever I have concerns, I email her and she will try to resolve the...

A. Noor

Dr. Wurtz provided a safe space for me to discuss my health issues and validated that my concerns are real. She let me talk about things I have never discussed with anyone else. She encouraged me to trust that my physical, mental and emotional health will get better....

Dan S.

Dr. Wurtz is an amazing doctor, it is obvious how invested she is in her patients and their sustained health. She truly cares and will put all of her time and energy into the people she treats.

Mary S.

Dr. Wurtz is extremely knowledgeable and caring. I left her office today with hope! I believe she will find the root cause of my issues. I’m grateful she is going to help me feel better after a lifetime of problems! Thank you so much, Dr. Wurtz.