Lauren Williams

For years I had the run around with general doctors and specialists for a myriad of issues I was having. Finally, I found Dr. Anderson, who took the time to really work on getting to the root of what was going on with me. Highly recommended.

Karen Brennan

He listened and I’m thriving! What’s so different (and amazing!) about working with Dr. Anderson is that you are co-creating a map for optimal health.

Katarzyna PLaszewski

Dr. Anderson is great. He dedicates the time and listens to fully understand the problem. He is truly knowledgeable, and he always does his research.

Theresa O.

Great gratitude for Dr. Kenton Anderson for being a wonderful teacher who appeared when this student was ready.

Help for Your Brain Review 1

I am amazed! I began to feel better almost immediately. This new approach taught me that my lifestyle, stress, nutrition and constant assaults from infectious pathogens and toxins were a large contributing factor to my forgetfulness and brain fog.