Paul R.

I was frustrated after seeing other practitioners and not finding answers for my symptoms.  Dr. Wurtz went above and beyond looking into my health history and identified issues that were not addressed in the past and put together a detailed plan to restore my health. ...

Paula F.

Dr. Holly is a very caring and gifted doctor.  After twenty years of dealing with chronic health issues, I feel better than ever!   I would highly recommend seeing her if you want to focus on building your health rather than just treat symptoms.

Nicky S.

I saw Dr Wurtz after seeing several other doctors and trying a few different medications which didn’t work.  We worked together to identify the underlying cause of my symptoms. I am very happy with the results!  Dr. Wurtz is amazing!

Sarah Lang

Dr. Wurtz helped me tremendously to improve my overall health and I am very thankful! She supported me in making changes to my diet and suggested a few key supplements. I started to have more energy and was able to begin exercising again which helped with weight loss....

Kim T.

Dr. Holly is simply amazing. She’s warm, kind person and I was so happy to find a doctor who listened!  She researched my condition and symptoms and gave me a comprehensive plan that worked for me and I was able to follow.  She’s available when I have...