Jordon Bray

Dr. Holly is an amazing practitioner of her craft! She’s one of the most dedicated and invested practitioners around. As a colleague, I’ve seen how she cares for each and every patient and will work with you to get you free of symptoms and beyond!

Green I.

I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Wurtz – she made me feel comfortable from the beginning and I appreciate her holistic approach to my health. And, unlike many primary care physicians, whenever I have concerns, I email her and she will try to resolve the...

Lara Brightside

Dr. Kenton is the most passionate Naturopathic Doctor I’ve had the pleasure of working with! He will get you from where you are now to where you ultimately want to be in the most natural, caring, thorough, and sustainable way that fits your overall life and...

LaShawn Freeman

Dr. Anderson is professional, listens and great at explaining the why’s of his treatment and tests. The staff is prompt at returning calls and follow-ups.

Dawn Rose

Dr. Anderson is a gift to anyone entering into their health journey. He’s very caring, wise and dedicated. Run, don’t walk, to see him if there’s something you’re working out with your health and overall being.